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Through public comments on administrative and regulatory changes, letters to policymakers, congressional testimony, and key reports, Medicare Rights advocates for systemic improvements to Medicare and other programs. Read these documents to learn more.

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September 13, 2021  
|  Comments
Comments on the Physician Fee Schedule for 2022 which extends a glidepath for temporary telehealth services until the end of 2023 and makes permanent certain audio-only mental health and substance use disorder telehealth services.
August 27, 2021  
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Home health is a valuable and necessary benefit that can help people with Medicare live safely in their homes and communities. But far too many beneficiaries lack meaningful access to needed services. Often, this is due to due to misaligned financial incentives that make serving people with chronic conditions who are not expected to improve less profitable than delivering short-term care to people who are recovering from illness or injury. We are concerned the proposed rule could exacerbate this dynamic.
July 29, 2021  
|  Comments
Comments on the Updating Payment Parameters proposed rule that would make changes to ACA marketplace enrollment, assistance, and standards.
July 27, 2021  
|  Positions and Publications
The Improving Access to Medicare Coverage Act of 2021 (H.R. 3650/S. 2048) would count the time Medicare beneficiaries spend in the hospital under “observation” status toward the three-day stay requirement for SNF coverage, improving access to critical, needed care.
July 20, 2021  
|  Letters
Medicare Rights and other leading beneficiary advocate groups urged the Administration and Congress to keep improvements to the Medicare program central in ongoing discussions about  creating a more equitable and affordable health care and prescription drug  system.
July 19, 2021  
|  Letters
Medicare Rights joined over 150 leading advocacy organizations in calling on Congress to fully fund the $400 billion investment in Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) requested by the Administration. This level of investment is essential for building a sustainable HCBS infrastructure system that can begin to address the magnitude of need in communities across the country, by both increasing access to Medicaid HCBS and addressing the direct care workforce crisis.
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30 Policy Goals

Thinking ahead to Medicare's future, it’s important to modernize benefits and pursue changes that improve how people with Medicare navigate their coverage on a daily basis. Here are our evolving 30 policy goals for Medicare’s future.

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