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Monthly Archives: September 2022

Medicare Rights Highlights the Need for States to Integrate Medicare and Medicaid Appeals Processes

As part of an ongoing series examining Medicare and Medicaid integration, Health Affairs Forefront recently published an article from the Medicare Rights Center titled “Integrated Appeals Are Essential, But Challenges Remain.” The article highlights the need for states to integrate Medicare and Medicaid appeals processes to best ensure dually eligible individuals […]

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Kaiser Family Foundation Releases Analysis of Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare Comparisons

Last week, Kaiser Family Foundation released a report examining 62 studies published since 2016 comparing Medicare Advantage (MA) and Original Medicare. The studies measured beneficiary experience, affordability, utilization, and quality of care. The report notes that some findings varied between the studies, “likely due to differences in data and methodology,” […]

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Federal Trade Commission Penalizes Company, but Junk Insurance Plans Continue to Harm Consumers

Last month, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced an enforcement action against a junk insurance company to reimburse consumers $100 million after finding the company used deceptive advertising and created barriers to prevent consumers from canceling the policies. This important announcement reveals the continued harms of junk plans, which lack […]

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Assistance Programs Go Unused Despite Need

Older adults and people with disabilities may face barriers to programs that could help them pay for Medicare and other basic needs, like food, housing, and utilities. These challenges range from confusing or restrictive application and eligibility rules to simply not knowing about a program’s existence. As costs continue to […]

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