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You can learn about Medicare and help protect and strengthen the program by discovering all the important ways to get involved. 

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Learn about Medicare and help protect and strengthen the program by discovering all the important ways to get involved. View the upcoming events from Medicare Rights, sign up for newsletters and alerts, take action on critical issues, and more.

Upcoming Events
Online Webinar
3:00 PM
 – 3:30 PM Eastern Tiime
Free Event
The cost of your medications may change throughout the year, depending on which coverage phase you’re in. You’ll learn about it all this Medicare Minute—from the deductible phase to the donut hole, as well as some new changes to look out for this year!

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Online Webinar
3:00 PM
 – 4:00 PM Eastern Tiime
Live webinar and recording: $40
Recording only: $30
Job-based insurance is insurance offered by an employer or union for current employees and family members. This coverage can allow for a delay in Medicare enrollment, but it may be wise to enroll in Medicare depending on whether the job-based insurance pays primary or secondary.

Experts from the Medicare Rights Center will discuss the following topics: the difference between primary and secondary insurance; Medicare and Employer Group Health Plans; how Medicare works with retiree insurance and COBRA; using the Part B Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to enroll in Medicare; and Medicare enrollment outside of set enrollment periods.

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