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Monthly Archives: October 2019

House Committees Advance Drug Pricing Legislation

In recent weeks, several committees within the U.S. House of Representatives—Energy & Commerce, Education & Labor, and Ways & Means—have been working to finalize the House’s drug pricing bill, HR 3. While the bill advanced by each committee differs slightly, the underlying goals are unchanged from the version initially introduced.

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Medicare Rights NY: Issue 16

Medicare Rights Advocacy Medicare Rights submits feedback to CMS on FIDA nonrenewal notices In July, the Medicare Rights Center sent feedback to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on their draft nonrenewal notices for the Fully Integrated Duals Advantage (FIDA) program. These nonrenewal notices were to be sent […]

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U.S. House Moving Forward with Drug Pricing Bill

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives are continuing work on their drug pricing bill, H.R. 3, with hopes of holding a vote later this month.

Unveiled in September, H.R. 3 includes a number of provisions that would improve prescription drug access and affordability for people with Medicare. Among the bill’s critical reforms are those allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices; the imposition of inflationary rebates on certain drugs in Parts B and D; and a restructuring of the Part D benefit that would cap out-of-pocket costs, reduce the federal government’s liability, and better align pricing incentives.

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Big Changes May Be in Store for Medicare Part D

Some changes are in store for Part D in 2020 and policymakers are contemplating even more. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), a nonpartisan nonprofit focused on national health issues, recently outlined what the program will look like next year under current law, and under recent legislative and administrative proposals.

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Trump Administration Releases Vague Medicare Executive Order

Last week, the Trump Administration released a wide-ranging yet ambiguous Executive Order (EO) focused on the Medicare program.

Many of the EO provisions lack specifics, making it difficult to predict what, if any, policies or recommendations may emerge. Since any policies that do emerge would likely require legislative or regulatory action before taking effect, the EO’s prospects for impacting the program are also unknown.

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Getting Started With the New Medicare Plan Finder

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched a redesigned version of the Medicare Plan Finder. Many of the functions are the same, but the look and feel has been updated, and the way you access a personalized or basic search has changed.

This post outlines some of the changes and provides a brief walkthrough of how to search for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans.

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