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You can learn about Medicare and help protect and strengthen the program by discovering all the important ways to get involved. 

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Get Involved

Learn about Medicare and help protect and strengthen the program by discovering all the important ways to get involved. View the upcoming events from Medicare Rights, sign up for newsletters and alerts, take action on critical issues, and more.

Upcoming Events
Online Webinar
3:00 PM
 – 4:00 PM Eastern Tiime
Live Webinar and Recording: $40
Recording only: $30
Fall Open Enrollment, also called the Annual Election Period, takes place from October 15 to December 7 and is the time of year when people with Medicare can make changes to their coverage options. Knowing how to navigate coverage options will help you or your clients make the most informed decisions during Fall Open Enrollment.

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Online Webinar
3:00 PM
 – 3:30 PM Eastern Tiime
Free Event
Unlike Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D plans are sold by private companies. These companies must follow federally set marketing rules when trying to sell their plans to you. Join us for this Medicare Minute to learn about marketing rules, what violations look like, and how you can protect yourself from them.

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Contacting your members of Congress is one of the best ways to enact positive change. Learn more about key legislation we’re following and weigh in today.

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Follow us on social media and share Medicare news and Medicare Rights’ updates with your network. Watch for information about opportunities to learn about Medicare and support Medicare Rights’ mission.

In the New York area?

Volunteer at Medicare Rights

Medicare Rights has several volunteer opportunities to meet varied interests and schedules. No prior Medicare knowledge is required, but a desire to learn about Medicare is essential. Volunteers receive comprehensive training and always have access to staff support to perform their role effectively.

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Your generosity allows us to help millions of people with Medicare access affordable health care each year.

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