New York’s Health System Transformation:

What It Means for Medicare and Medicaid Consumers and Consumer Advocates, and Recommendations for Making New Models Work Better

August 2017

Support for this work was provided by United Hospital Fund, an independent, nonprofit organization working to build a more effective health care system for every New Yorker. The views presented here are those of the author and not necessarily those of United Hospital Fund or its directors, officers, or staff.

The author would like to thank the participants in our panel of health care experts, including Hany Abdelaal, Deborah Bachrach, Pam Brier, Audrey Chun, Tara Cortes, Lisa David, Trilby de Jung, Valerie Grey, Kathryn Haslanger, Karen Ignagni, Ilene Margolin, Rachel Miller, Kirstin Mooney, Karen Nelson, Carol Raphael, Lynn Richmond, Kathleen Shure, Rick Surpin, Bruce Vladeck, Mark Wagar, Patricia Wang, and Dennis Whalen.

Jake McDonald, the Client Services Counsel at the Medicare Rights Center, served as the primary author of this report. He had considerable writing, research, advisory, and editing support from Derek Ayeh, Joe Baker, Emily Balkan, Rachel Bennett, Mitchell Clark, Stacy Sanders, Casey Schwarz, and Krystal Scott.

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