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Help Us Assist People With Medicare During the Pandemic

This is an extraordinarily difficult time for people with Medicare and their families. Since the coronavirus public health emergency began, the Medicare Rights Center has been fielding hundreds of calls from anxious older adults, people with disabilities, and caregivers who need our help to access and afford the health care they need.

I do not think my Medicare enrollment would have been done in time or correctly during the pandemic without the help of the Medicare Rights Center. I would definitely recommend Medicare Rights to anyone with a Medicare issue.

– Elizabeth, New York

When Elizabeth contacted Medicare Rights, she was frustrated and upset because she and her husband Tom encountered roadblocks to enrolling in Medicare, and now Tom’s much-needed shoulder replacement surgery would also be delayed. With local Social Security offices closed because of the pandemic, they tried to enroll online and over the phone––unsuccessfully. They did not know what else to do until they called Medicare Rights.

Elizabeth’s counselor first helped her sort through misinformation she and Tom received from their health plan and others, who informed them that they could not enroll in Medicare immediately and would face gaps in coverage and lifetime enrollment penalties. Instead, her counselor clarified that they would be able to enroll right away with no penalties and worked with them to get coverage.

To help Medicare Rights assist thousands more people like Elizabeth and Tom in the coming months, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.

The Medicare program has changed in a variety of ways in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and Medicare Rights is here for everyone who needs our help understanding new rules and navigating unique situations. For example, our clients need our help to:

  • enroll in Medicare because they recently lost their jobs and health coverage.
  • get low-income Medicare benefits because their incomes were reduced.
  • assist a family member who is transitioning between nursing home care and care in the home.

It’s thanks to our generous supporters that people with Medicare can turn to Medicare Rights, and you can help us sustain this crucial work––and our work to strengthen and improve the Medicare program as a whole. Please make a gift today to help our clients during this difficult time. 

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