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Address Disparities and Inequities

Medicare Rights urges the administration to address disparities and inequities in order to improve health care and coverage for all.

Medicare has long been a powerful tool to reduce injustice and inequality. The program played a pivotal role in “forc[ing] the desegregation of every hospital in America virtually overnight” and continues to offer coverage to all who qualify. But inequities remain. Every day, we see the destructive and persistent effects of institutionalized racism, individual bias, and systemic oppression. Medicare Rights welcomes the Biden administration’s commitment to addressing these problems directly, in ways that advance equity, justice, and access to care—including by strengthening Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.

View our full set of recommendations here.

Protect & Strengthen Medicare

Any changes to the Medicare program must aim for healthier people, better care, and smarter spending—not paying more for less. As policymakers debate the future of health care, we will provide our insights here.

30 Policy Goals

Thinking ahead to Medicare's future, it’s important to modernize benefits and pursue changes that improve how people with Medicare navigate their coverage on a daily basis. Here are our evolving 30 policy goals for Medicare’s future.

Get Involved

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