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Action Alert: Tell Congress to Strengthen Medicare

Congress is currently considering strategies to improve health coverage and affordability. Weigh in today to make sure that Medicare is part of that discussion. 

Medicare offers critical health coverage to 62 million older adults and individuals with disabilities. Gaps in coverage and archaic rules mean many beneficiaries can still struggle to afford the care and medications they need. 

Half of all people with Medicare live on $29,650 or less per year, and one quarter have less than $8,500 in savings. Although most beneficiaries cannot afford to pay more for care, annual drug price hikes consistently exceed the rate of inflation and new drugs are launching at ever-higher price points

At the same time, Medicare’s lack of comprehensive coverage for oral, vision, and hearing services continues to expose beneficiaries to high out-of-pocket costs, and they often have nowhere to turn for help. While low-income assistance programs and Medigap policies can help people with Medicare pay for coverage, eligibility and access rules are outdated and out of step with beneficiary needs.

Congress must act immediately to address these challenges. But they need to hear from you! Tell your lawmakers to:

  • Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable by reducing high and rising drug prices and limiting beneficiary costs.
  • Improve the Medicare Benefit by adding comprehensive dental, vision, and hearing coverage to Part B; capping beneficiary costs, program-wide; and expanding Medigap protections and purchase rights.
  • Ease Access to Medicare’s Low-income Programs by eliminating unduly restrictive eligibility requirements for the Part D Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) and Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs).
  • Modernize Part D Appeals by simplifying the process, including as outlined in the Streamlining Part D Appeals Process Act (S. 1861/H.R. 3924).

Learn more and make your voice heard today.

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