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The Better Care Reconciliation Act Is No Better Than Before

After failing to bring their health care overhaul bill to a vote last month, leadership in the US Senate released an updated version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) today.

As in previous versions of this bill, the updated BCRA ends Medicaid as we know it. It maintains the previous cuts to the program, including an estimated $772 billion cuts over 10 years, with cuts reaching 35% within 20 years. Cuts of this magnitude would likely force states to cut benefits or eligibility, putting the health older adults and people with disabilities at risk. Home- and community-based services are particularly at risk. These services allow people to stay in their homes when they need assistance with daily activities.

The latest version of the BCRA cancels a previous plan to repeal a tax on high-earners that helps fund hospital care in the Medicare program, a welcome change to the bill. However, massive cuts to Medicaid function as cuts to Medicare, and the 11 million people who rely on both programs face an uncertain future if this bill is passed.

Yesterday, the Medicare Rights Center sent a letter to Senate leadership explaining all of the ways the bill undercuts American families and their ability to afford needed health care.  Today we continue to stand opposed to this harmful bill.

Read Medicare Rights’ letter to the Senate.

Read Medicare Rights’ statement on the revised BCRA.

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