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House Republicans Unveil Alarming Plan to Replace the Affordable Care Act

Last week, Republican lawmakers revealed their much anticipated proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The plan calls for repealing almost all of the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with a mix of measures, like setting up “high-risk pools” for people with costly illnesses, raising premiums for older adults to lower rates for younger consumers, and making significant changes to Medicare and Medicaid.

The plan would allow some health insurers to return to the practice of denying insurance to people with pre-existing conditions, but would offer those individuals coverage through more expensive, high-risk designated plans. Some aspects of the ACA, like allowing children to remain on their parent’s plans, would remain intact.

The proposed changes to Medicare are particularly alarming. The plan would increase the age at which individuals become eligible for Medicare above 65 and privatize Medicare, by providing future retirees with only a fixed amount, or voucher, with which to purchase private insurance.

Read the plan.

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