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Donor Spotlight: Amy Friedner, Volunteer

Medicare Rights helpline volunteer Amy Friedner is an accountant by training, but later went back to school to get her degree in nutrition and became a registered dietitian. Her interest in health didn’t stop there, though. After moving back to New York City from the suburbs five years ago, Amy was looking for volunteer opportunities in the health care field.

Amy first learned about Medicare Rights through ReServe, a nonprofit that matches the experience and skills of older professionals to the needs of other nonprofits and government agencies. When asked what compelled her to choose Medicare Rights, Amy said, “I have always had a strong interest in various aspects of health care. Good and affordable insurance is consistently at the top of the list of what is most important to people.”

Since her start as a helpline volunteer, Amy has found it rewarding to counsel people with Medicare each week. “I love learning from and working with the knowledgeable and caring staff members and fellow volunteers here at Medicare Rights,” she said. “Many times when I answer the phone, a caller will say, ‘I am so glad to get a real person on the line.’”

Amy was also inspired to become a regular donor to Medicare Rights, in addition to donating her time as a volunteer. She said, “The helpline counseling work that is done at Medicare Rights does make a difference in the well-being of our callers, and it is a privilege to be part of and support this exceptional organization.”

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