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Donor Spotlight: Rachel Kreier on Giving in Memory

Rachel Kreier, a professor of health economics at St. Joseph’s College, has been engaged with the Medicare Rights Center both as a volunteer and as a donor. Kreier has used Medicare Rights’ materials in her teaching and, conversely, brought her knowledge of health care to the helpline.
“Volunteering my time on the helpline and having gone through all the training programs made me understand how valuable the work was,” said Kreier. “Having experienced that firsthand, it made me want to support Medicare Rights.”

When Kreier’s father, Julius Kreier, a former professor and research scientist, passed away last year, she decided to make a donation to Medicare Rights in his memory.

“I’m very grateful for Medicare, which gave him his health coverage. And part of what the Medicare Rights Center does is advocate to make Medicare work better,” Kreier said. “It seemed like the appropriate thing, given that Medicare was so important for my father.”

To anyone considering giving in memory of a loved one, Kreier said this kind of gift “makes their legacy something that lives.” If you would like to honor a loved one, consider making a gift in their memory to Medicare Rights, and invite friends and family to do the same.

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