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Donor Spotlight: Trish Sneddon

Trish Sneddon is a financial services representative and certified senior advisor at a faith-based nonprofit organization. Since she started this work in 2001, Trish has been an avid user of the Medicare Rights Center’s educational resources and has also become a monthly donor.

Q: How did you learn about the Medicare Rights Center?

A: I’ve been helping clients with senior health insurance for 17+ years and there was a lot I didn’t know at first, so I started diligently researching every question that came up. I came across Dear Marci, your online newsletter, and signed up, and that was my first introduction to the Medicare Rights Center. Over the years, your educational materials have grown. It just astonishes me, the resources that you have put together. For someone who really wants to understand all the fine print, you are the best resource.

Q: How do you use Medicare Rights’ educational materials in your own life—at work, for your own needs, or for your community?

A: My organization is the community resource center for everything related to Medicare. We work with a number of local retirement communities––they call us the “Medicare gurus.” I refer to myself as an insurance counselor. We do offer products, but we see ourselves as Medicare educators first. There are times that it’s important for me to put an answer or information into a client’s hands that is not from me, but from an authoritative source, and that’s when I send people links to Medicare Interactive. I think that gives me a lot of credibility, but it also gives them the comfort of knowing that they’re getting good information from a reliable source.

Q: Have you recommended Medicare Rights resources to any of your colleagues at your organization?

A: I think I’ve been one of the pioneers in our organization to help us become a broader educational resource for our members and the community. So I have sent information, links, and articles from Medicare Rights to my colleagues. I have routinely promoted Medicare Rights and now see some of our other Medicare specialists in the organization using it as their resource.

Q: Why did you decide to become a monthly donor to Medicare Rights?

A: While I have the ability to find information and locate answers to questions using the internet, I cannot do research and advocacy to try to influence what’s happening politically, yet, I see such a great need. There are times that I find myself in tears over how difficult and complex the Medicare system has become, and how it is not serving the citizens well. So, while I can explain to people the way things are, I personally can’t change the way things are. But I see Medicare Rights as doing that hard work.

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