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Medicare Rights Observes World Kidney Day

Like an intricate dance, the various organs and systems in our body are carefully choreographed to work in harmony to perform vital services. Throughout the year, health care organizations like to promote public awareness through special observances, and on March 10 we observe World Kidney Day.

Why take time out of your busy schedule to think about your kidneys? Kidneys help remove waste products and excess fluid from the body, and they provide amazing chemical functions like controlling the production of red blood cells and releasing hormones that regulate blood pressure. Find out the complete story here: “Why are the kidneys so important?

In the world of Medicare, we see older adults and people with disabilities who no longer take kidney function for granted as they may be experiencing End-Stage Renal Disease or kidney failure, dialysis, and a possible kidney transplant. Medicare Interactive, the website where over 2 million Medicare questions are answered each year, provides complete information on Medicare and End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Kidney disease affects millions of people worldwide, including many children who may be at risk at an early age. So here is your World Kidney Day homework: we encourage you to explore the 2016 theme, “Kidney Disease & Children: Act Early to Prevent It!”, read Medicare Interactive’s Children and End-Stage Renal Disease and Medicare, and learn more about Medicare’s coverage of ESRD treatment. The video at the top of the post also covers the 8 Golden Rules for the prevention of kidney disease – vital lifestyle choices everyone needs to put into daily practice.

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