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What’s at Stake in Medicare: A Voter Guide

Medicare has been a lifeline for millions since its inception in 1965, but threats and uncertainties persist.  To determine candidates’ views on Medicare, voters should monitor their statements and the positions they have taken. This is especially important in the 2020 elections, as recent years have seen legislative and regulatory efforts to rework the program, often in ways that would undermine beneficiary protections. Further, decisions made this year will shape the future federal response to the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to put people with Medicare at risk. In this document, Medicare Rights outlines a few proposals that could change Medicare for the worse.

Protect & Strengthen Medicare

Any changes to the Medicare program must aim for healthier people, better care, and smarter spending—not paying more for less. As policymakers debate the future of health care, we will provide our insights here.

30 Policy Goals

Thinking ahead to Medicare's future, it’s important to modernize benefits and pursue changes that improve how people with Medicare navigate their coverage on a daily basis. Here are our evolving 30 policy goals for Medicare’s future.

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