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Medicare Rights NY: Issue 29

Medicare Savings Program Expansion in New York

This year, more older adults and people with disabilities in New York will be eligible for Medicare financial assistance through the newly expanded Medicare Savings Program (MSP). The monthly MSP income limits have increased to an estimated $2,107 for individuals and $2,839 for couples, based on the 2022 federal poverty level.

Please remember that counselors on Medicare Rights’ National Helpline are available at 800-333-4114, Monday through Friday. We are ready to answer questions about Medicare and assist eligible individuals with an MSP application.

Medicare Rights also offers a number of other resources and services to help professionals and the beneficiaries they serve navigate the expansion. Please find information about our offerings below, as well as important updates regarding MSP expansion.

New York State automates Medicare Savings Program enrollment for Medicare-eligible Medicaid enrollees

In February 2023, New York State plans to begin auto-enrolling Medicare-eligible individuals who have Medicaid through the New York State of Health (NYSoH) into the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) MSP. This population currently receives a monthly reimbursement check for their Medicare Part B premiums via the Medicare Insurance Premium Payment (MIPP) program. However, the MIPP program can be challenging for beneficiaries to navigate. Having to pay the Part B premium and wait for a MIPP reimbursement check to arrive in the mail, and then depositing that check, can be financially burdensome for individuals living on low incomes. And administrative errors, especially for those transitioning from MIP to an MSP, can cause costly benefit delays, denials, and missed opportunities to enroll in an MSP. 

Medicare Rights applauds the state’s decision to adopt our long-term recommendation to automate MSP enrollment for this population. Tens of thousands of Medicare-eligible individuals with NYSOH Medicaid coverage will be enrolled in QMB as of February.   And going forward, most beneficiaries transitioning from NYSoH Medicaid to Medicare will no longer need to go through the MSP application process. 

Medicaid spend-down and Medicare Savings Program re-budgeting notices

The New York State Department of Health—and the New York City Human Resources Association for those living in New York City—is sending letters to individuals with the Medicaid spend-down or an MSP, informing them that they may be eligible for additional benefits. Thanks to Medicaid eligibility expansions that took effect in January, Medicaid spend-down recipients may now be eligible for Medicaid without a spend-down or with a smaller spend-down amount.

Thanks to eligibility expansion, Qualifying Individual (QI) and Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB) enrollees may now be eligible for the QMB MSP and Medicaid.  Beneficiaries who want to reduce or eliminate their Medicaid spend-down should contact their local Department of Social Services (LDSS)—HRA for NYC residents—and request re-budgeting. Re-budgeting is also available for MSP recipients who may be eligible for QMB. Beneficiaries who take no action will have their budget adjusted during their normal renewal period.

MSP recipients can also apply for Medicaid by completing the Medicaid application and Supplement A

More information about Medicaid spend-down re-budgeting.

Resources from the Medicare Rights Center

  • Outreach Kit: A suite of resources for use spreading the word and learning more about MSPs in New York, including graphics, social media posts, and a sample press release. Use these resources as is or download and edit them to make them your own. 
  • MSP trainings: Free trainings that teach professionals how to apply for an MSP on behalf of their clients through the Medicare Rights Center. To sign up for a training, check our event calendar.
  • Beneficiary outreach flier
  • Flier on MSP and Medicaid expansion

To learn more or get enrollment assistance, call the Medicare Rights helpline at 800-333-4114 or visit

Additional resources for professionals

Upcoming webinar: Coverage Options for New Yorkers with Medicare and Medicaid

Dually eligible individuals—those who are enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid—have many choices for how to receive their benefits. Join experts from the Medicare Rights Center to learn how to navigate this coverage landscape and assist clients with their questions. 

During this webinar, you will learn about: 

  • How Medicare and Medicaid work together
  • Options for dually eligible individuals, including Dual-eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs), Medicaid Advantage Plus, and more
  • Tips for making enrollment decisions
  • Resources for help and more information

Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Time: 2-3pm EST
Fee: Free

Register here.

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