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Alice Murphy

What Are the Marketing Rules for Medicare Plans?

Dear Marci,

I volunteer at a local senior center and I have Medicare myself. With Medicare’s Fall Open Enrollment coming up, I know that Medicare plans will be advertising. What rules do these plans have to follow? What should we do if plans break these rules?

-Cindy (Bridgeport, CT)

What is an Advance Beneficiary Notice?

Dear Marci,

I have Original Medicare. My doctor said that she does not believe that Medicare will cover a certain procedure, and that she would like me to sign an Advance Beneficiary Notice. What does this mean, and what should I do?

-Jesse (Austin, TX)

How does Medicare cover mental health services?

Dear Marci,
I am new to Medicare. I have been receiving treatment for depression and anxiety for several years, and have gotten treatment in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Will these services be covered under Medicare? How much will they cost?
Beau (Baton Rouge, LA)