Medicare Rights in the News

We routinely provides the press with news that impacts the 47 million people with Medicare—and their family, friends, coworkers and communities. By alerting print, broadcast and online media outlets, we’re able to keep people abreast of changes in the Medicare system, share our research findings and recommendations for reform, and inform them about new Medicare Rights Center initiatives. Our experts, services and resources are often featured in the news. Here are some recent examples that have appeared in prominent media outlets:

CMS finalizes prior authorization rule for DME

by Michael Sandler
December 29, 2015Read more

Medicare Guide: Make the most of Medicare open enrollment in short time left

by Jordan Galloway
November 16, 2015Read more

Part B Premium Will Be $121.80 in 2016, Following Budget Deal

by Mindy Yochelson
November 10, 2015 Read more

Health Savings Accounts and Medicare

by Ann Carrns
November 6, 2015Read more

How to navigate Medicare open enrollment season

by Robert Powell
October 30, 2015 Read more

Tips for navigating Medicare open enrollment

by Janet Kidd Stewart
October 26, 2015Read more

Signing up late for Medicare Part B can trigger a lifelong penalty

by Lisa Zamosky
April 26, 2015Read more

The Tangle of Coordinated Health Care

by Paula Span
April 13, 2015 Read more

What reporters forgot to tell you about the ‘doc fix’ bill and changes to Medicare

by Trudy Lieberman
April 2, 2015Read more

Yes, we can build a better Medicare Part D appeals process

by Joe Baker
March 9, 2015Read more

Prosthetics makers take up arms, and legs, in NYC

by Yoona Ha
March 16, 2015 Read more

Medicare ‘observation': Pricier for patients

by Crissinda Ponder
December 10, 2014Read more

A Last-Minute Guide to Shopping for Medicare

by Lisa Zamosky
December 6, 2014Read more

How to Pick a Medigap Policy That’s Right for You

by Kerri Anne Renzulli
December 12, 2014Read more

Medicare Sign-Up Needs to Be Simplified, Group Says

by Glenn Ruffenach
November 17, 2014Read more

Denied a Medicare claim? Don’t give up on the appeal process, persistence is key to getting covered

by Elizabeth Lazarowitz
November 3, 2014
Read more

Medicare Advocates Asking Congress For Stronger Network Assurances

by Matthew Sturdevant
October 28, 2014
Read more

If you find Medicare sign-up rules confusing, read this

by Caroline Mayer
October 6, 2014
Read more

Beware of Shifting Options Within Medicare Plans

October 3, 2014Read more

One Simple Way for Retirees to Save on Prescription Drugs

by Mark Miller
October 2, 2014
Read more

Give seniors more pharmacy choice in Medicare

by Reps. H. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) and Peter Welch (D-Vt.)
September 24, 2014
Read more

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period Approaches

by Anne Tergesen
Sept. 20, 2014
Read more

Letters to the Editor:An incremental approach to improving Medicare

by Joe Baker
August 7, 2014
Read more

Advocacy Groups Say Medicare Should Negotiate With Drugmakers

by Julie Appleby
July 24, 2014
Read more

Medicare: Questions and Answers

June 26, 2014Read more

Retirement and same-sex couples, a year after DOMA ruling

by Mark Miller
Jun 26, 2014
Read more

Obamacare will force ‘an average premium increase between $50 and $90 per month’ for Medicare Advantage recipients, Rick Scott says

by Joshua Gillin
April 9th, 2014
Read more