Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to become a Medicare Rights Center volunteer in our New York City office, here is what you can expect:
Generally speaking, we ask our volunteers to commit to five hours per week in our New York City office.
On average, we ask for a minimum six-month commitment because we are very committed to helping you learn Medicare, and we find that it is not until about six months in to volunteering that you hit your stride.
Of course! If you are gone for a lengthy amount of time, you may feel better retaking some of the trainings when you return. Many of our volunteers travel or take time to explore other things – vacations and breaks keep us interesting.
No prior knowledge or experience is needed. In fact, we ask that you forget everything you think you may know about Medicare when we train you so that you can start with a fresh perspective.  
At the Medicare Rights Center, we are always looking for ways to build on our volunteers’ talents. During the volunteer interview, we will discuss your interests and skills and find ways to engage you in a way that is meaningful to you. As volunteers become proficient in Medicare, they may be invited to specialize in particular areas.
Yes, in this day and age basic knowledge of how to use a computer is necessary for all of our volunteer roles.