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Jose’s Story


“The Medicare Rights Center has been a vital resource in allowing me to navigate the complex and intimidating world of health care. With their assistance, I was able to avert a potential loss of coverage.”

When Jose turned 65 and enrolled in Medicare, he started facing high out-of-pocket costs for his health care. Jose’s previous health coverage—a marketplace plan for people with low incomes—had no monthly premiums or annual deductible, which allowed him to afford and access the care he needed. Once Jose transitioned to Medicare, he could not afford to pay the monthly premiums and lost his Part B medical coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Fortunately, Jose was referred to the Medicare Rights Center for assistance. Jose’s Medicare Rights counselor explained that based on his low income and assets, he qualified for programs that would cover his Medicare out-of-pocket costs. With his counselor’s help, Jose enrolled in these assistance programs, making it possible for him to re-enroll in Medicare Part B and receive the care he needed—like eye care for glaucoma and a hip replacement—without worrying about high health care bills. 

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