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Ann and Ti’s Story

Medicare Rights has it boots on the ground—listening to, learning from, and advocating for all Medicare/Medicaid recipients. Their very critical policy leadership takes its lead from the needs of the grassroots users of services.

Medicaid is a vital program that provides health security for many Americans, including 11 million low-income people with both Medicare and Medicaid, like Ti. Ann was Ti’s partner and his caregiver, and their story is one of love and caring—but also one filled with advocacy, on Ann’s part, to preserve the Medicaid program, without which she and Ti could not survive.

Medicare Rights helped Ann and thousands of others who depend on Medicaid to raise their voices against these proposals, so their voices could be joined with millions more. It is stories like this one that will help Medicare Rights continue to protect the care of older adults and people with disabilities now and in the future.

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