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Alinda’s Story

My gratitude to Medicare Rights. Thank you all for giving me encouragement that there would be a resolution and support in the ordeal [of] going back and forth between Social Security and Medicare. Thanks, Giovanni, for your help in restoring Medicare Part B after 2 1/2 years.

In January 2022, NC, the daughter and sole caregiver of her 98-year-old mother, called our helpline desperate to find a resolution to her mother’s lack of Medicare coverage. Her mom, Alinda, had been without Medicare outpatient coverage for more than two years due to issues with Social Security. As a result, NC was overwhelmed by the additional responsibility of paying out of pocket for her mother’s medical bills and prescription costs.

After speaking with Giovanni, an expert Medicare Rights counselor, NC learned that her mother qualified for a Medicare Savings Program (MSP) and Extra Help, and he guided her through the program’s application process. Within two months of working with Giovanni, Alinda was approved for an MSP that would provide her health coverage and then automatically enrolled into the Extra Help prescription drug subsidy. Additionally, NC has found some relief from the financial stress of her mother’s care and has a better understanding of her and her mother’s rights and options.

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