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Statements and Testimony

Statement for the Record on Medicare Revenues and Program Sustainability

The Medicare Rights Center submitted a statement for the record to the Senate Budget Committee regarding a September 27, 2023 hearing on opportunities to improve Medicare solvency through revenue changes. In our statement, we note that any efforts to bolster Medicare’s financing must maintain the program’s universality, safeguard current benefits and cost protections, and modernize coverage to meet the evolving, diverse, and whole-body needs of beneficiaries.

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Statement for the Record “Negotiating a Better Deal: Legislation to Lower the Cost of Prescription Drugs”

Immediate action is needed to transform the nation’s drug pricing system in ways that will lower prices, strengthen Medicare, and promote the well-being of those who rely on its coverage. H.R. 3 would significantly advance these goals, in part by authorizing Medicare to negotiate prices for certain drugs; imposing inflationary rebates; and restructuring Part D to cap beneficiary out-of-pocket costs at $2,000 per year, reduce the federal government’s liability, and better align pricing incentives.

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Joint Principles from the Center for Medicare Advocacy and the Medicare Rights Center: Medicare Expansion of Telehealth Helps Beneficiaries Access Care During the Pandemic–But Caution is Needed Before Making These Changes Permanent

As policymakers consider the post-pandemic Medicare telehealth landscape, the Medicare Rights Center and the Center for Medicare Advocacy offer our shared perspective on next steps. In these joint principles, we urge a cautious, thoughtful, and evidence-based approach that centers the unique and evolving needs of people with Medicare.

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Statement for the Record: “Open Executive Session to Consider an Original Bill Entitled the Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act of 2019”

Chairman Grassley, Ranking Member Wyden, and distinguished Members of the Senate Committee on Finance, on behalf of the Medicare Rights Center (Medicare Rights), thank you for your bipartisan efforts to address the problem of high and rising prescription drug prices, and for the opportunity to share our perspective on this […]

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Statement for the Record Senate Health, Education and Labor Committee Full Committee Hearing Lower Health Care Costs Act

The undersigned organizations of the Observation Stays Coalition have come together to address a surprise medical billing issue that affects Medicare patients in hospitals who are called observation status patients or outpatients, although the medically necessary care they need and receive is no different from the medically necessary care provided […]

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