Winter 2016

Medicare Rights’ Trusted Resource for Medicare Information is Better Than Ever
Medicare Rights recently launched the new and improved Medicare Interactive, a free online resource packed with hundreds of answers to Medicare questions. Last year, more than two million questions were answered on Medicare Interactive for people looking for information from the largest and most reliable independent Medicare resource.

The new design and features ensure that Medicare Interactive users can quickly find the Medicare answers they need for themselves, a family member, or the clients they serve. The new and improved site makes available smart links to relevant MI pages and case examples, a roll-over glossary, and other helpful resources.

By creating a free Medicare Interactive profile, users can bookmark their favorite pages, manage newsletter subscriptions, access free exclusive links/downloads, and receive notices about key Medicare dates.

As an initial thanks for registering, users will receive a welcome e-packet from Medicare Rights, complete with the organization’s exclusive New to Medicare Guide.

Additionally, the Medicare Interactive Pro (MI Pro) learning curriculum, which will evolve further in the coming months, is for people who want to dig deeper into Medicare. MI Pro subscribers can access exclusive in-depth Medicare content, quizzes to test their progress, and printable learning tools. Subscribers can also keep track of where they left off within each course and complete coursework at their own pace. Visitors can find out which courses are right for them by taking the free self-assessment.

Visit today and register for a free profile.

Remembering a Loved One
josephiena-imrMitra Behroozi, executive director of the 1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds, has been a longtime donor to the Medicare Rights Center. Recently she suggested that her relatives, friends, and colleagues become supporters, too.

When Mitra’s 86-year-old mother Josephiena Sofia Behroozi passed away, she advised people who wanted to do something special to honor her mother to make a memorial contribution to Medicare Rights in her name.

“Our family discussed what would be the best way for people to remember our mother that reflected her values. It only took a minute to decide that making a memorial donation to Medicare Rights was the most fitting choice,” said Mitra.

Josephiena, a mother of three who had emigrated from Holland in her twenties and attended The New School, was a school teacher and later in life got her master’s degree in library science. Yet despite having an advanced education, Josephina had to turn to Mitra and one of her sons to help her manage her health care and navigate Medicare.

“My mother would often ask me ‘What do other people do to figure out their health care and insurance coverage, if they don’t have children like you who can help them?’” recalled Mitra, a renowned expert on healthcare and employment issues.

Mitra knew that older adults and people with disabilities who need answers to their Medicare questions call Medicare Rights’ helpline. That’s why her family chose that memorial donations be made to Medicare Rights in their mother’s name.

We are grateful to Mitra and all who honored Josephiena Sofia Behroozi with a memorial contribution to Medicare Rights.

Please consider suggesting a memorial gift be made to Medicare Rights in remembrance of your loved ones.

Donor Spotlight: Ilene Margolin
Ilene Margolin understands the need for Medicare counseling services and advocacy, having spent over four decades working in the health care and human services fields in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

Ilene became familiar with the work of the Medicare Rights Center through her work in health insurance organizations, and then became a supporter of Medicare Rights in 2007, when she served as a senior vice president at EmblemHealth and helped to secure the company’s ongoing sponsorship of our Annual Awards Dinner. When Ilene retired from EmblemHealth in 2011, she remained committed to helping consumers with Medicare: Ilene became an individual donor to the Awards Dinner, as well as to our other fundraising efforts.

Ilene says she is “impressed” by the work Medicare Rights does to “help people on the ground” and appreciates “the complexity and scope” of our advocacy.

Ilene-imrShe knows that assisting our helpline callers “one-on-one makes a real difference for people” and, because our helpline calls inform our advocacy efforts, they “also help make systems changes.”

In fact, Ilene experienced firsthand the personal support that we provide, when we assisted her with an appeal that took many months but was ultimately successful. “Medicare Rights made a huge difference in my life,” Ilene says.

You too can make a real difference to older adults and people with disabilities who need help accessing affordable health care, by making a donation to the Medicare Rights Center today.

General Enrollment Period End on March 31
If you did not enroll in Medicare when you originally became eligible for it, you can sign up during the GEP, which is from January 1 through March 31 of every year. Your coverage will begin July 1 of the year you sign up. You will have to pay a Part B premium penalty for every year you delayed enrolling in Medicare Part B.
Program Update:
Report Highlights 2014 National Helpline Trends and Policy Solutions
trends-report-imageWith the release of the annual helpline trends report, Medicare Rights outlines the top concerns facing people with Medicare heard through thousands of calls to the national helpline.

The report, Medicare Trends and Recommendations: An Analysis of 2014 Call Data from the Medicare Rights Center’s National Helpline, includes an in-depth discussion of two important issues heard on Medicare Rights’ helpline. Each issue is accompanied by policy solutions, which the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), state agencies, insurers, elected officials, and others can pursue to improve the Medicare program for the more than 52 million people it serves.

Out of more than 17,000 questions posed in 2014 by older adults and people with disabilities, their family members, and the professionals serving them, two trends stood out:

Navigating Medicare Part B Enrollment: Many individuals who call Medicare Rights are confused by Medicare enrollment rules, and specifically by decision-making related to taking or declining Part B, which covers doctors’ and other services. Some have other coverage through an employer or the new state or federal Marketplace and need information about how that insurance may change because they are eligible for Medicare. While callers may be aware of the risk of late enrollment penalties, they may not realize that their former insurance may refuse to pay for care entirely once they are Medicare-eligible.

Navigating Part D Prescription Drug Appeals: Frequently, in addition to not knowing why their prescription drug was denied, callers are confused by the Part D appeals process, which they need to use to access their medications. They are often unsure as to whether their appeal has been filed, what level of appeal they are at, and what their doctors may have done on their behalf.

Drawing directly from Medicare Rights’ 25 years of experience serving people with Medicare and their families, the report includes a comprehensive set of policy recommendations intended to improve access to affordable health coverage for people with Medicare.
Among the recommendations regarding Part B enrollment and prescription drug appeals are:

  • Provide better education and notice for newly eligible beneficiaries.
  • Streamline and align enrollment periods.
  • Include the reason for a drug denial in the pharmacy counter notice.
  • Allow an immediate request for an appeal.

Visit to read the report.

Celebrating 50 Years of Medicare
On October 19, the Medicare Rights Center celebrated the 50th anniversary of Medicare with about 350 supporters at its 2015 Annual Awards Dinner.

Richard J. Pollack, president and CEO of the American Hospital Association, and Nora Super, executive director of the 2015 White House Conference on Aging, were honored for their tireless efforts to increase access to affordable health care. Longtime volunteer Richard Loberfeld also received special recognition for his almost 12 years of dedicated service at Medicare Rights.

Photographer: Jeyhoun Allebaugh

event-room-shot-imrMandarin Oriental, New York City
event-staff-photo-imrMedicare Rights Center Staff (October 2015)
nora-super-imrNora Super, Executive Director,
2015 White House Conference on Aging
richar-pollack-imrRichard J. Pollack, President and CEO,
American Hospital Association
richard-imrJoe Baker, president, Medicare Rights Center and Richard Loberfeld, Volunteer, Medicare Rights Center
Thank you to all of the Medicare Rights Board of Directors and everyone who made a year-end donation to the Medicare Rights Center and contributed to our successful match campaign!
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