Emily Whicheloe

Education Coordinator

What is Fall Open Enrollment?

Dear Marci,

I’ve heard that Fall Open Enrollment is coming up. What is Fall Open Enrollment, and what should I do to prepare for it?

– Andre (Dover, DE)

How do I use the Medicare Plan Finder?

Dear Marci,

My stand-alone Part D plan sent me a notice telling me that it will not cover some of my prescriptions next year. How do I use Medicare Plan Finder to look for a new plan?

– Peter (Sparks, NV)

Does Medicare cover durable medical equipment (DME)?

Dear Marci,

My doctor recommended that I get a manual wheelchair to get around my home. Does Medicare cover wheelchairs? If so, what do I need to do so that they will cover it?

– Gabrielle (Bardstown, KY)