Understanding Medicare is no simple task. We try to make understanding Medicare easier with free newsletters and online resources. The Medicare Rights Center’s resources include many useful educational materials that can support training lectures or one-on-one meetings, or be a handy reference for anyone who is trying to sort through the vast array of Medicare-related information.

Medicare Interactive, Dear Marci, Medicare Watch and Medicare Rights University are just a few of our many resources that can help you, or your clients to find a pathway through the Medicare maze.

We produce a number of free electronic newsletters and alerts designed to give consumers and professionals the latest Medicare information.Learn more
Medicare Interactive (MI) is a dynamic, independent online resource of free information that helps older adults and people with disabilities navigate the complex world of health insurance.Learn more
Information about Medicare is available from more sources than ever before, and it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. These sites are trusted resources used by our staff.Learn more