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Contact: Mitchell Clark
Senior Communications Associate

March 19, 2012

Medicare Rights Center Marks Two-Year Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

-- Health Reform Saves Money on Prescription Drugs,
Expands Access to Preventive Care--

New York, NY—Two years ago this week, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed into law, bringing real benefits to the tens of millions of Americans who have Medicare. In 2011, as a result of the ACA:

“In the second year of its implementation, the ACA has improved access to health care for millions of people with Medicare,” said Joe Baker, President of the Medicare Rights Center. “Medicare beneficiaries are receiving preventive services at no cost as well as cheaper prescription drugs in the coverage gap, and while the immediate benefits of health reform are encouraging, there is still a lot to look forward to as the law is being implemented.”

Future improvements that will occur as ACA implementation continues include:

“The Affordable Care Act takes the right approach to strengthening Medicare’s finances by creating a more efficient program and attacking the root cause of growing Medicare costs, which are the rising costs in the health care sector overall.  While some policymakers propose reducing the deficit by cutting Medicare benefits and shifting costs from the federal government to people with Medicare, the ACA demonstrates we can begin to contain costs without slashing benefits or increasing what people pay for care even while making improvements to the program,” said Mr. Baker. “Continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act is essential to keeping the Medicare program robust for all current and future beneficiaries.”

The Medicare Rights Center is marking the second anniversary of the ACA by doing a series of information calls with partner organizations in Florida, New York, Kansas, Maine and Alabama. A short video about key successes of health reform can be found here:
"Second Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act"

For additional information see Medicare Rights Center's new fact sheet:
 “The Affordable Care Act: Before and After”

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