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Say No to the Ryan Budget!

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan recently unveiled a Republican budget that repeats on an old and tired theme—ending the Medicare program as we know it. Once again, the Ryan budget proposes privatizing Medicare by replacing Medicare’s guaranteed health benefits with a voucher (or premium support) that seniors and people with disabilities would use to purchase health coverage through private health care plans.

The Ryan budget’s privatization scheme would grind away at traditional Medicare, funneling younger and healthier retirees into private health plans and leaving older, sick beneficiaries in the traditional Medicare program. Providing coverage for this vulnerable population will make traditional Medicare more expensive and less able to compete. At the same time, the Ryan budget would force seniors and people with disabilities to pay more for less by raising the Medicare eligibility age and increasing premiums for the middle class. In short, the Ryan budget allows Medicare as we know it to wither on the vine.

Take Action by Rejecting the Ryan budget.

I oppose the Ryan budget and proposals that dismantle the Medicare program!


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