Medicare Rights University

Medicare Rights University (MRU) is a web-based curriculum designed to empower any professional to better help their own clients, patients, employees, retirees, and others navigate a multitude of Medicare questions.

MRU is structured as a four-level Core Curriculum, with four to five video-based courses in each level. A Special Topics portion of the resource addresses subjects not covered in the Core Curriculum. Each MRU course contains Medicare Rights’ clear and expert content and comes complete with quizzes, case examples, and downloadable materials to test your knowledge and enable you to effectively educate your colleagues and clients.

Why choose MRU?

  • Train your staff without having to devote time to developing new content.
  • Stay up-to-date on the changing Medicare program.
  • Gain access to exclusive materials developed by an expert consumer service nonprofit organization.
  • Learn online, anytime, and review key concepts as needed.
MRU builds on the 25 years of counseling expertise of the Medicare Rights Center, which answers 15,000 questions on its national helpline each year and reaches more than a million people each year through trainings, presentations, and print and online resources.

How much does it cost?

Please contact for group rate discounts and additional information.