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New York State Advocacy


The Coalition to Protect the Rights of New York’s Dually Eligible (CPRNYDE) was established in November of 2012 in response to state and federal initiatives to develop new models of providing care for New Yorkers with Medicare and Medicaid—the dually eligible. The Coalition’s mission is to identify and protect the rights and health of dually eligible New Yorkers as the state creates and builds new models of providing health coverage to these beneficiaries. By bringing together a broad and diverse coalition of interests, agencies, and perspectives, including beneficiary advocates serving the health, aging, and disabilities communities; community-based organizations & faith-based communities representing both urban and rural communities, the Coalition is developing optimal standards and beneficiary protections.


The New York State Medicare Savings Coalition, led by the Medicare Rights Center, is an alliance of over 150 community-based organizations, advocacy groups and government agencies in New York State. The Coalition is not intended for or open to employees of health insurance companies, health insurance agents or brokers, self-employed individuals, or individuals employed by private for-profit businesses. By bringing government officials and advocates together in dialogue, our meetings offer Coalition members the opportunity to review the latest information on implementing health care programs for people with limited incomes.

Coalition members stay connected through regular e-mail updates, conference calls, enrollment initiatives and advocacy projects. This ongoing exchange allows us to share knowledge about enrollment strategies and compare case scenarios.