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Sustaining Medicare’s Future

Since 1965, Medicare has ensured access to guaranteed health care benefits for older adults and people with disabilities. Today, Medicare takes center stage as policymakers look for federal budget savings. Despite popular support for the program, some argue that Medicare must be drastically changed to shrink the deficit or to prepare for a growing aging population.

Yet, in a recent national poll, most Americans—89% of those polled—oppose major cuts to Medicare to reduce the nation’s budget deficit. To help explain various Medicare proposals, we have created a series of fact sheets and web videos.



Medicare: Strong and Built to Last

    • Medicare builds health and economic security.
    • Health care costs are the problem.
    • Medicare is not going bankrupt.
    • Medicare is a solution.

Read our fact sheet for more must-know Medicare facts.

Build on What Works: Medicare Cost Savers

Most beneficiaries—80%—report that Medicare is working well. This success aside, much can be done to spend Medicare dollars more wisely and to ensure that Medicare’s promise of health security remains for generations to come.

Read our fact sheet on smart solutions to preserve and strengthen Medicare.

Paying More for Less: A Shortsighted Path to Savings

Medicare Rights Center President Joe Baker discusses policy proposals to shift costs to people with Medicare and what’s at stake for the 50 million older adults and people with disabilities who rely on Medicare’s guaranteed health care benefits.

Read our fact sheets on specific proposals to shift costs.