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Don’t Cut Medicare Benefits

Medicare builds health and economic security for our nation’s older adults, people with disabilities and their families. Today, half of all Medicare beneficiaries—25 million older adults and people with disabilities—live on an annual income of $23,500 or less, and many already struggle to afford health care costs. I urge Congress to reject proposals that would shift added costs to people with Medicare by increasing premiums, deductibles, copayments and coinsurance or by scaling back supplemental insurance coverage.

Instead of cutting Medicare benefits, Congress should stand up for responsible solutions to strengthen Medicare. I urge Congress to support reducing wasteful Medicare spending on prescription drugs, medical equipment and payments to private health plans, and to advocate for reforms that encourage health care providers to deliver high value care. These solutions are the right path forward for a better quality, more cost-effective Medicare program.

Don't Cut Medicare Benefits

Please join the Medicare Rights Center by signing our petition to enact responsible solutions to strengthen Medicare’s long-term fiscal outlook and to oppose plans that would shift added costs to people with Medicare.


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